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Our Services

Online intelligence/information services

Donorcentricity offers a very professional media monitoring service tailored to suit your needs and without stretching your budget. We believe media monitoring services are often over-priced which is why we have introduced a high quality and competitive offering to the non-profit sector in Australia.

Man at deskOur bespoke online media monitoring service involves searching a wide range of news and information sites. We tailor the service to fit your organisation’s specific needs, covering topics and issues, locally and globally, that are relevant. This can also include coverage of social media.

Donorcentricity's media monitoring service is provided by David Goldstein who has run a successful monitoring service for over a decade and who currently has corporate clients based in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. He has also conducted media monitoring for clients located in Singapore, North America and South America.

Some of David’s customers have retained his services for over ten years because they know they cannot obtain such value for money and a consistently reliable and professional monitoring service anywhere else.

David monitors by developing and using strategic search terms plus regularly checking websites that are relevant to you from general news websites to industry-specific websites. You are invited to contact us and we will arrange an appointment to discuss a bespoke media monitoring service that is tailored to suit your goals and budget.

Donorcentricity also offers a very competitive service creating online content for your social media requirements and preparing and writing news releases to promote your latest announcements. We can also assist with the targeted distribution of your news releases.

Special Events Management

Group in front of city woman 1stPerhaps there are situations where you are resource stretched because of a busy events program, or you just need some additional help to make sure a key major event runs smoothly?

Whatever your needs, whether you want some additional support or require full event management services, you can be assured our reliable, professional and donor-centric approach will achieve your objectives. Working with us you will turn your events into high impact and memorable occasions.

Our expertise in event management covers many different types of events, including: fundraising events, conferences, campaign launches, awards nights, just to name a few. Donorcentricity does not use a template approach because we know every event is unique with its own opportunities and challenges. Instead we come to each project with a fresh outlook to ensure we deliver the very best event to suit your budget and requirements.

Peer Research

For any not-for-profit or educational institution, undertaking peer research into the various fundraising models and strategies adopted by similar organisations is a very valuable exercise. Peer research helps to identify fundraising strategies that work and those that do not and helps to shape the parameters of realistic and effective strategic fundraising plans.

Peer research differs from benchmarking. The focus is on understanding the fundraising models and strategies of selected organisations in depth. It involves selecting organisations that operate in a similar environment to your own, both in your own country and overseas, and then developing a questionnaire to interview them comprehensively about their fundraising practices. 

The number of organisations to be interviewed will depend on a range of factors, however we recommend interviewing approximately eight to ten organisations to provide a reasonable base from which to draw conclusions. Included in the list of organisations to be interviewed should be some of similar stage in terms of their fundraising programs and some organisations that are more developed.

Peer research will produce findings that are invaluable in helping to understand the fundraising strategies adopted by others and the issues and opportunities involved in different fundraising approaches. It is an essential step in planning or reviewing any major fundraising activity. Donorcentricity will work with you to shortlist organisations to interview, design a questionnaire and complete the survey so your organisation is in a much better position to devise and implement fundraising programs that work effectively.

Fundraising plans

Archer3We can work with you to complete strategic and operational fundraising and development plans, whether for an entire organisation or for a specific function or campaign. The Donorcentricity team has the requisite high level strategic knowledge as well as hands on practical experience in almost all aspects of fundraising to take a leadership or support role for your planning requirements.