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Organisational change and development services

Org change group3We enjoy working for causes aimed at making our world a better place. When we join forces with you to focus on achieving your goals, we bring to the table decades of experience gained from working with a wide range of organisations, small charities and foundations, large well-known not-for-profits, universities, small teams of medical researchers, etc.

Our experience and fundraising literature has shown that a donor-centric approach has been proven to dramatically increase fundraising income and is the hallmark of all highly successful for-purpose organisations. The approach encourages an organisation to:

  • develop and retain more meaningful relationships with donors
  • shape a vision that is more realistic and inspiring
  • strengthen its leadership team
  • forge alliances with other organisations useful to achieving mission objectives 
  • instil an internal appreciation of philanthropy
  • change its language to be more inclusive
  • in general, develop a culture that is more welcoming and responsive to the needs of stakeholders.

We can work with you to develop or enhance donor-centric fundraising programs in your own organisation, apply fact-based and effective donor-centric strategies for both donor acquisition and retention, enjoy an increase in fundraising income and achieve positive organisational development outcomes. 

For more information see 'Donor-centric Foundations of Credibility' and 'Fundraising and organisational change'.