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Marketing/Fundraising Materials

Marketing materialsIf you require campaign collateral (e.g. campaign videos, brochures, direct mail, special event invitations, etc), then we can help you to produce donor-centric material that is engaging and which will more effectively achieve your fundraising goals.

Our associates offer very competitive rates for their services, and you may find producing fundraising material through Donorcentricity is more cost effective than going elsewhere. Of course, we are also very happy to work with your own preferred suppliers as required.

The real advantage of using Donorcentricity to coordinate your fundraising materials is not about price, the benefits to be gained from our established working relationships with reliable suppliers, or even the fact we can advise on the timing and use of materials in a strategically managed fundraising campaign to achieve specific objectives. The real advantage is our expertise and focus on donor-centric communication. It has been proven categorically that donor-centric communication is the most effective way to gain and retain your supporters, so why waste your budget on any other approach?