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Feasibility Studies

Before embarking on a major project such as a capital fundraising campaign, major donor fundraising campaign or similar, many organisations benefit from conducting a 'Feasibility Study', sometimes called a 'Community Consultation Study'. The study helps to test and refine the campaign strategy and materials and is often viewed as a crucial first step in a campaign because it helps to identify and qualify potential major donors. A feasibility study is also an important donor-centric strategy, it encourages existing and potential donors to help shape a proposed initiative and fosters a sense of ownership. Indeed, it is helpful to view a feasibility study as the first phase of a campaign, not as a stand-alone research exercise.

Since January 2020, Donorcentricity has conducted feasibility studies to set the strategic direction for multiple capital campaigns with an aggregated fundraising target in excess of $400 million.   

We will work with you to identify and invite potential participants in your study, design a questionnaire to obtain the critical information needed to embark on a fundraising campaign with confidence, conduct the interviews, collate the data, write and present the Feasibility Study Report and provide concrete recommendations about the next steps to prepare and execute a successful campaign.