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Capital Fundraising Campaigns

A capital fundraising campaign was defined by Henry A. "Hank" Rosso, a leading figure in the development of the discipline of fundraising, as seeking: "to raise a specified sum of money within a defined time period to meet the varied asset-building needs of the organisation."

Traditionally viewed as an exercise to raise funds towards "bricks and mortar" type projects, capital fundraising campaigns are also used to raise funds to create endowments, launch or expand services, cover an organisation's shortfall in funding, etc. These campaigns can be stand-alone or integrated with a not-for-profits' annual fundraising calendar of activities.

A capital fundraising campaign is a major undertaking and when conducted carefully and strategically can profoundly influence a not-for-profit's financial status, scope of operations and future. As a major fundraising initiative, a capital fundraising campaign can and should have a transformational impact on an organisation, its culture and stakeholders. These campaigns can also be a very powerful change management tool when designed strategically to achieve organisational development objectives.

Donorcentricity offers professional fundraising counsel to plan and implement capital fundraising campaigns. We will work with you to design a realistic and effective campaign to achieve your mission objectives.

Refer below for typical campaign steps and for more information see 'What is a Capital Campaign?'