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Wealth Screening & Profiling

Donorcentricity can arrange basic or in-depth wealth screening of your database to identify high-net-worth individuals in Australia or overseas. These individuals can then be profiled as the first step in employing a donor-centric approach to better understand their work and family history, motivations and philanthropic interests. We will then work with you to design a realistic and achievable approach strategy. We can also prepare prospect lists of individuals, companies and trusts and foundations not on your database but with a potential interest in a particular cause or campaign.

Here are some true stories which help to reinforce the value of wealth screening:

  • A not-for-profit underwent data screening of existing donors to identify high-net-worth individuals. The screening produced a number of multi-millionaires who had not been treated in any way differently from other supporters. One supporter, worth hundreds of millions, had been stopped on the street and signed up to regularly donate a small amount each month. The payments ceased because the credit card details expired and updated information was never obtained
  • A billionaire was invited to assist with a community fundraising activity and agreed to participate. He wasn’t screened so the not-for-profit had no idea of his capacity. In the end, the billionaire did not undertake the fundraising activity and instead mailed a cheque for a small donation. He received a standard thank you letter and was not followed up
  • One of Australia’s wealthiest individuals was a regular buyer of a not-for-profits' lottery tickets. For many years he bought into the lottery but because he had not been identified was never approached for additional support.

These stories demonstrate the fact that data screening of existing supporters is really essential if an organisation is serious about nurturing important relationships and effective fundraising. We arrange data screening through our preferred suppliers (without any hidden commission).


Profiling is a time consuming but highly rewarding exercise. It is an essential investment for effective donor-centric fundraising. A profile provides background information vital to developing an informed approach strategy to high-net-worth individuals and corporates.

We can arrange basic and in-depth profiling at very competitive rates.