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An effective fundraising strategy is evidence-based. By 'evidence-based', we mean based on information situationally specific to the organisation seeking to develop fundraising plans or implement campaigns. This can be achieved by designing carefully constructed online surveys to solicit feedback and generate relevant leads for a specific initiative. We can design online surveys of board members, donors, staff, alumni, members and other stakeholders to inform fundraising or for other business-related purposes. Examples of recent and past surveys include:

  • a survey of board members, foundation members and general members of an organisation to help shape a bequest program and to generate bequest leads
  • a survey of board members to collect their feedback about various fundraising strategies and determine their level of interest in being actively involved
  • a staff survey for a large charity to test the attraction of various fundraising programs and collect suggestions
  • a membership survey for Fundraising Institute Australia to ask NSW members about their engagement preferences
  • a survey to determine the potential demand for a medical rehabilitation centre in WA
  • a national survey of the members of a professional medical association to determine potential philanthropic support for specific programs.

These days, the use of online survey platforms can make it relatively inexpensive to solicit feedback from your board, donors, staff, alumni, members and other stakeholders. But you still need the expertise to write surveys with the right questions. We will work with you to agree on the survey objectives and design the best qualitative and quantitative research methodology to achieve your research goals.