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Recruitment and retention services


Fundraising recruitment done by people who are expert fundraisers....makes good sense!

As you might expect, our approach to recruitment and retention is not based on a factory-like approach. We take the time to understand your goals, the culture of your organisation and what to look for in attracting your ideal candidate.

The Donorcentricity team is currently working with a range of clients on active fundraising projects. We have extensive experience across fundraising programs, capital campaigns, major donors, coporate partnerships, regular giving, bequests, trusts & foundations, community funfraising, etc. We bring that knowledge to bear when finding you the right candidates because we know what questions to ask and what to look for. And we truly understand the real-world and complexity of fundraising and what makes people succeed in the job, can assess how they will fit into your existing culture and whether they have the background, skills and aptitude you are seeking.

To give you an idea of our scope of work, for a recent client (a leading educational institution) using our recruitment services to fill several positions, including at the senior executive level, we spent time understanding their goals, assisted with their organisational structure, wrote the job descriptions and advertisements - all for a much lower cost than offered by competitors, while providing unparalleled service of the highest order.

Our professional recruitment fees are very flexible and extremely competitive. We will arrange a recruitment process and advertising program that fits your requirements and budget. 

The key consideration in selecting us for your recruitment needs is our depth of experience.
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