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Donor Retention Services

Red man in crowdThere isn’t a non-profit that’s immune to the reality of donor attrition.

But many not-for-profits in the USA, Europe and Canada are now enjoying substantial increases in donor retention rates, improved lifetime value and fundraising income after implementing DonorVoice’s proven retention process.

Donorcentricity Pty Ltd is the certified partner in Australia of DonorVoice, the world-leading donor relationship management organisation based in America. If you’ve read Roger Craver’s book, ‘Retention Fundraising - The new art and science of keeping your donors for life’, or you follow his blog ‘the Agitator’, then you will already be familiar with DonorVoice.

DonorVoice has developed practical tools which are rigorous, proven and fact-based to help non-profits improve their donor relationship management practices.

The process involves working with a certified partner to gather vital but often neglected attitudinal data - the ‘why’ behind donor behaviour. This unique approach identifies what your donors like most about your organisation and what they like least. It will identify ‘pain points’, or weaknesses, and will lead to recommended steps you can take to achieve stronger and longer-lasting donor relationships.

Also included in the service is presentation material to help “sell” the need for improved donor management processes within your own organisation.

It is important to note these changes often lead to a reduction not an increase in current fundraising expenditure.

Contact Donorcentricity to discuss how your organisation can enjoy the benefits of increased donor retention and become a leader in best practice donor relationship management.


See the article, 'Never to be Parted' by Kevin Schulman, DonorVoice,  and other relevant material under this website's 'Resources'.