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Our Services

Corporate Sponsors and Partners

Corp Presentation2The creation of productive partnerships with corporates requires a professional and businesslike approach. Your success in gaining corporate support will depend on a donor-centric understanding of the organisation's corporate social responsibility objectives as well as brand development and business goals.

The emerging field of "shared value" programs, where non-profits have the opportunity to shape social enterprise initiatives with corporate partners to deliver both social impact and economic growth, provides a fertile ground to explore new income generating ideas. 

Donorcentricity has secured major sponsorships and philanthropic support from corporates for universities and not-for-profits and can assist in identifying potential partners, planning the initial approach strategy, negotiating the terms of agreements, and designing ongoing relationship management policies and procedures.

Marketing/Fundraising Materials

Marketing materialsIf you require campaign collateral (e.g. campaign videos, brochures, direct mail, special event invitations, etc), then we can help you to produce donor-centric material that is engaging and which will more effectively achieve your fundraising goals.

Our associates offer very competitive rates for their services, and you may find producing fundraising material through Donorcentricity is more cost effective than going elsewhere. Of course, we are also very happy to work with your own preferred suppliers as required.

The real advantage of using Donorcentricity to coordinate your fundraising materials is not about price, the benefits to be gained from our established working relationships with reliable suppliers, or even the fact we can advise on the timing and use of materials in a strategically managed fundraising campaign to achieve specific objectives. The real advantage is our expertise and focus on donor-centric communication. It has been proven categorically that donor-centric communication is the most effective way to gain and retain your supporters, so why waste your budget on any other approach?

Wealth Screening & Profiling

Donorcentricity can arrange basic or in-depth wealth screening of your database to identify high-net-worth individuals in Australia or overseas. These individuals can then be profiled as the first step in employing a donor-centric approach to better understand their work and family history, motivations and philanthropic interests. We will then work with you to design a realistic and achievable approach strategy. We can also prepare prospect lists of individuals, companies and trusts and foundations not on your database but with a potential interest in a particular cause or campaign.

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Recruitment and retention services

As you might expect, our approach to recruitment and retention is not based on a factory-like approach. We take the time to understand your goals, the culture of your organisation and what to look for in attracting your ideal candidate.

And we don't use a template approach to dealing with interviewees. Every person who sends in a resume and who isn't interviewed receives a personalised response from us explaining why they were not shortlisted. You won't see the standard "Unfortunately on this occasion your application wasn't successful..." response from us because we simply refuse to treat people like robots. Our personalised approach reflects well on our clients and confirms their commitment to treating people with respect.

The Donorcentricity team includes people who have worked in senior marketing, development and fundraising roles in large and medium sized organisations and this gives us an important edge in finding you the right candidates. Because we know what to look for in a candidate, understand the real-world and complexity of marketing and fundraising and what makes people succeed in the job, can assess how they will fit into your existing culture and whether they have the skills and aptitude you are seeking.

We also offer an extension to the normal "recruit and forget" model. In addition to offering a three month guarantee against regrettable attrition, we have an alliance with LinkPADD which allows us to deliver a retention strategy to regularly review the new recruit's performance against agreed KPIs and iron out any difficulties with their supervisor to help deal with potential problems, either with the candidate or their work environment.

Our professional recruitment fees are flexible and straightforward. We will arrange a recruitment process and advertising program that fits your requirements and budget. 

The key consideration in selecting us for your recruitment requirements is our depth of experience. Why not compare our senior management experience and professional qualifications in marketing, fundraising and development against other recruitment consultants?

We won't chase you for business because we don't have to. Our clients choose to work with us for logical reasons!