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Brand Development, NDIS positioning

A strong brand backed up by effective and integrated fundraising and recruitment strategies and programs will be vital as the NDIS is rolled out across Australia.

It is growing increasingly obvious to many organisations that the NDIS is not going to fix their funding requirements. Indeed, many of their clients will struggle to pay for the services provided and many programs currently delivered will no longer receive government support.

There is a risk the general public will decrease their level of philanthropic support because they will assume they are already providing financial assistance through increased taxes towards the NDIS. There is the reality of the projected huge increase in demand for services because of our ageing demographic.

Combine all these factors and we have a recipe for a great deal of pain in the disability sector.

Our team is unique - we have extensive experience in fundraising, brand development and client recruitment. Pick up the phone and talk to us about how we can work with you to more strongly position for the NDIS. Initial discussions are completely free of charge and strictly confidential.

You will be surprised how quickly we can add value to your organisation's development strategies and generate additional significant fundraising income.

Brand development

As the NDIS is rolled out, it will be vital to achieve a clear and differentiated positioning for your brand and to stand out as a leader in a very crowded marketplace.

Your organisation's unique stories deserve the time, effort and investment required to be told effectively so they will be heard. A strong brand is a vital tool in helping to clearly communicate those stories, interface effectively with the world and help shape a positive and motivating internal culture. We can help you with:

  • Brand audit and review;
  • Brand and marketing strategic planning;
  • Marketing and communications function and structure review;
  • Training and mentoring marketing teams;
  • Brand architecture linking sub-brands and associated brands;
  • Competitive marketing analysis reports;
  • Agency review, selection and briefing.


In addition to a strong brand, fundraising will be increasingly important to organisations as the NDIS is rolled out. You will need to develop alternative income streams to generate discretionary income and fund your programs into the future. Organisations that have largely depended on government funding are generally not as advanced in their fundraising practices as others. Our team can help you to develop the right fundraising strategy for your organisation and crucially, we can help integrate your fundraising plans with your brand development objectives.

There will be winners and losers as the NDIS is implemented. Invest a little time talking to us about your brand development and fundraising plans. Call us today on (02) 8819 2898.